Waterway transportation is a viable alternative or addition to road and rail transport within the State and beyond. Though environmentally-friendly and, frequently in global community, the most economical mode of inland transport, it comes with its related challenges in the area of safety and emergency preparedness. By enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of inland water transport, a comprehensive training was designed for MTN staff to ensure safety of her personnel on waterway.

This course provided the resources and training needed to equip the delegates with requisite knowledge (classroom and practical) to be better informed about waterway safety and preparedness and also assist the company in developing a robust and comprehensive Emergency Action Plan team needed to influence safe waterway operations within the organizations system, which will help in adhering to newly improved international standards such as BS, ISO, OSHA.

Early detection of hazards and risks to ensure their mitigation were cited and delegates were positioned to gain competence, typically, to meet minimum standards for fitness and skills, rescue methods, first aid, communication, risk assessment, manual handling, storage and equipment checks in waterway operations and safety.