Who We Are?

In our experience over the years, we have realized that good health and sound safety practices as well as sound environmental performance are key factors to winning and keeping customers. This is also true in maintaining a business edge in today’s competitively sophisticated business environment.’

This becomes more meaningful, especially owing to the fact that as never before, our nation and indeed the whole world face the critical test of dealing with various health, safety and environmental problems. Thus by the day, a wide spectrum of parties, government, international fora, local communities and customers, EXPECT organizations to keep accounting for their efforts to promote a cleaner global and local habitat.

MULTIPLE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES LIMITED (MDS) has the cutting edge to aid responsible corporate organizations to creatively meet with these expectations and needs. Our focus is helping private and public clients to improve their health, safety and environmental performance, operational effectiveness and competitiveness by working closely with our growing clientele in building unique strategies that focuses on best Safety and environmental practise. The practice of the organization is the application of integrated and multidisciplinary approaches in solving essentially, health, safety and environmental problems for our treasured clients. We offer human and capital development through our various professional courses and bespoke courses that meet client’s requirements.

MDS prides herself of very competent professionals with extensive and diverse experiences, working at the forefront of health, safety and environmental management. This places her on a pedestal that enables her take up highly technical and professional jobs/projects, completing them within schedule

MDS is uniquely prepared and certified organization to carry out health, safety and environmental consultancy and management in Nigeria. She is duly accredited by the regulatory bodies such as Federal Ministry of Environment, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the State EPAs/Ministry of Environment, etc. such as in Lagos, Ogun and Abia States to practice environmental management in Nigeria. She is also a corporate member of the Nigerian Institute for Training and Development (NITAD)